Monday, May 30, 2011

How about a FABRIC SWAP?!

Have some fabric you're done looking at? Need some different fabric for project, ideas, inspiration? Need to expand your personal inventory? well, how about joining us for a FABRIC SWAP?!!

WHEN? Satruday, JUNE 11 (which is also the last day of our 15-30% SALE!)
TIME? 10 am - 11 am

What's a FABRIC SWAP? Well, have you heard of the new fad where friends get together and swap clothes? Well, it's just like that, but we're gonna be swapping FABRIC! how FUN!! Everyone brings in fabric that they'd like to swap with someone else for different fabric that THEY bring in.

The rules are simple:

  • fabric MUST be at least the size of a fat quarter (18"X22") or larger

  • NO double knit

  • you swap one piece-for-one piece of agreed upon size/description

  • negotiations are between the individuals

  • negotiations must be of mutual agreement

  • Quilter's Corner will not be held responsible for any unsatisfied trades

BLOW OUT Fabric SALE, coming up!

Fabric Sale!

It's time for a SALE! We've got a LOT of new fabric stock coming in, and you know what that means...we gotta make room. So get in on the action from June 6-11, with a savings from 15% to 30% OFF ALL pre-existing fabric stock! (excludes stock w/a pink dot marked 'new').

Need some new fabric for some upcoming projects? Need some inspiration? Come in early for the best selection! Remember, June 6 - 11!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quilters Corner's First EVER Show and Tell TOMORROW! - Banner Ads - Graphical Designs

We're having a show and tell tomorrow...that's right! Bring in your sewing and/or quilting projects between 9a-10a and show us while telling us all about it. How did you do it? What pattern is it? Where'd you find the pattern and/or idea? We want to know these things. Inquiring minds want to know. We're passionate about cloth and findings and all that jazz, and sewing and quilting projects get our groove going, we'd LOVE to see them. You can enjoy some good company and complimentary coffee with doughnuts, too.

The shop will be open tomorrow, Saturday, May 28 from 9a-2pm, with the optimal time for Show and Tell to be between 9a-10am! Come one, come all with your sewing, fabric, or quilting projects to share with us. Show off your hard work, we'll appreciate it the time you put into it!

Come join the quilt class

Come join the quilt class

Seminol Patchwork Class

Seminol Patchwork Class